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    Post [ĐỀ THAM KHẢO Unit 8,9,11,12] ANH VĂN HP 2 - CÔ LÊ THỊ CẨM (có đáp án + bài nghe)

    ĐỀ THAM KHẢO UNIT 8,9,11,12
    Cô: LÊ THỊ CẨM

    "I. Fill in each blank in the passage below with ONE suitable word from the box.

    Auto market continues to rise

    HCMC - Thanks to the Government’s registration fee ……………(1) policy plus efforts of auto manufacturers in sales policies, the auto market has ……………(2) grown since the Tet holiday, with a slight rise compared …………..(3) previous months.
    According to manufacturers, the auto market’s growth …………(4) last month was mainly due to buyers in the (5)……………… regions, especially Hanoi. It is because Hanoi accounts ……………(6) a large auto consumption (7) …………….. and has had the registration fee lowered from 20% to 15% ……………(8) early last month.
    To achieve such results, enterprises have also (9)…………… supports for customers such as direct discounts and free accessories.
    With the sale increase, the Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers Association (VAMA) expects the car consumption to reach some 100,000 units this year, 8% …………..(10) than last year.

    1. a. reducing b. reduced c. reduction d. reducible
    2. a. continuous b. continuously c. continue d. continuing
    3. a. in b. for c. at d. to
    4. a. achieving b. to achieve c. achieves d. achieved
    5. a. northern b. southern c. central d. mountain
    6. a. for b. to c. in d. at
    7. a. volume b. amount c. number d. revenue
    8. a. for b. since c. in d. at
    9. a. given b. supplied c. provided d. offered
    10. a. lower b. higher c. much d. less

    II. Choose the best answer
    11 Vietnam is the most ………. retail market in the world, according to the 2008 Global Retail Development Index conducted by international consulting firm A.T. Kearney.
    a. home b. niche c. attractive d. new
    12. If a firm is able to identify certain customers that are unprofitable, it may drop those customers and lose market ……...
    a. share b. segment c. economy d. condition
    13. A …… market is a group of customers that the
    business has decided to aim its marketing efforts and ultimately its merchandise."

    endofunittest .11. HP2.docendofunittest .9. HP2.docend of unit test .8. HP2.docendofunittest.12. HP2.doc

    File nghe

    Chúc các bạn thi thật tốt!!!!

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