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    APPLE club Introduction

    Apple English Club - AEC is under controlled by Public Finance Faculty at the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH). Apple club pursues a big goal which is English language. It creates a playground for meeting and connecting students. Apple is a big family for sharing experiences, methods to learn foreign language. It’s also the best environment to help you improve your soft-skills and English-skills, especially, business English.

    Coming to Apple club, you will:

    1. Learning and working together to achieve the same target that is improving your English ability and awaking your power.
    2. Learning and practicing soft-skills: Presentation-skill, Teamwork skill, Organizing-skill, Leading-skill and so on.
    3. Meeting and interacting with new people in a dynamic environment.
    4. Attending outdoor activities with foreign guests.
    5. Organizing some English events carried out by Apple club.

    Some activities took place:

    Talk-show "You and Me" with foreigners

    With special gifts ( These books are free ^^)

    Voluntary campaign at Từ Dũ hospital, HCM city

    "Step Up" programme with other English clubs

    Hanging out with foreign friends

    and many other activities such as: “Âm sắc” holiday of Public Finance Faculty; Redline – English competition about presentation-skill; English Training days;...

    Apple English Club includes 4 main departments:

    1. Content Department:
    It includes many members with high level in English. If you are a member of Content Department, you can improve and enhance your English-skills and soft-skills (teamwork skill, talking to the crowd,…), especially you will have chances to do many things new.

    2. Event Department:
    You are dynamic and energetic, you will be suitable with this Department! You will have been trained about teamwork skills, planning and organizing the event, administrative works...

    3. Communications Department:
    You are enthusiastic, have good communication- skills. Communications Department will help you know how to organize important events, write short articles and post them on the website.

    4. Technical Department:
    Requirements are basic knowledge about making video clip and designing. With Technical Department, you will learn and have been trained many skills about IT (Information Technology) to enhance your creativity.

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